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Appearance makeovers are a great way to update your look, and
update your life. What better time to consider one than the
resolution season – the beginning of a new year.

If you are considering a makeover, then you may consider heading
over to a beauty salon. Going a salon will make you feel like you
are being pampered while you go through the steps necessary for your
beauty makeover.

Beauty salons are a great place to start on your hair part of the
makeover phase or any other phase of the makeover.

Beauty salons offer many types of services and procedures that
you can go through. What makes the nature of a beauty salon unique
is that they all provide a variety of services to customers and
some beauty salons offer the same services but in a different

The primary role of beauty salons is to provide hair care services.
Those services include hair cuts, shampoo, and hair styling.
Additional services that are being offered are hair dyeing,
highlighting, hair trimming.

To make your visit easier, you can bring in your favorite style
pictures to see if a particular hair style matches your face.
Another hair style aide is to tell the stylist what your hairstyle
needs are. For instance if you are going to a formal event, then
you would like a suitable hairstyle for that.

Another set of services that beauty salons offer are skincare
services. A common skincare service is tanning. Most beauty salons
offer a spray tan that is considerably safer than a tanning bed.
Other skincare services are facials and shaving for men and or

The most popular service at beauty salons are nail care. This is a
service that includes cutting cuticles, massaging the hand and
apply nail color. At some beauty salons you get intricate designs
painted on your nails and nail tips.

Going to a beauty salon is often viewed as a way to pamper oneself.
Others view it as a necessity of life. It is a all in one stop for
all of the beauty needs. Most beauty salons offer services that
include hair care. You can ask your favorite place if they have
services that include hair coloring, hair cutting,hair dyeing and
more. The salon of your choice may offer skincare services such as
facial, body wraps, massages, acupuncture and more. Or, the beauty
salon of your choice may offer nail services in a calming spa- like

The services mentioned, are just a sampling of services, and all
beauty salons have their set of services. Before going to a salon,
ask what services are offered.

To make your next visit not only a pleasurable one, you can save
money too. Look for beauty deals and or discounts
that can be applied as well. Most salons offer these discounts, and
you can get them on coupon directories as well.

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How To Use Local Coupons From

A coupon is a marketing tool that delivers a discount that is applied to the purchase of a physical item or service. is a directory that offers local coupons, local offers, to local New York business and customers.

When you arrive at you will find a variety of local coupons that are from ONLY local merchants. These local coupons can give you access to coupons that are only available in this specific region.

How to use local coupons from

On local coupon directory you have the options of looking in the center of the homepage at a long list of categories. Similarly, you may use the “website search” box located on the right hand side of any page to help you choose what coupons are currently being offered. On the homepage, you can also click on the ads that are written in text with a picture to have a look at what coupons are offered.

Once you choose the coupon you are interested in, click on the words that describes the coupon. You will have a choice to print if it is a printable coupon. This option will appear below the description of the coupon and above the map.

If the local coupon you choose is an offer, you will copy to your clipboard, and on the appropriate website you will enter the savings code.

If the local coupon of your choice is an offer that is not attached to a website, then you will scan the QR code located at the bottom of the coupon ad, and show it at the Business that is offering the coupon.

All of these coupons are available to you if you use your smart phone as well. So if you are in the location where the coupon can be redeemed, you can show it at the check out.

Coupons are a great tool (when used appropriately) to enjoy some savings off of items that you need, and or want. Finding local coupons can sometimes be a challenge when you are seeking services or items in your own local area, or even a local area that you plan to visit. By using, you just may find one.



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Kolbonet Welcomes Local Business And Customers

Kolbonet ( is a new local new york coupon directory. Kolbonet is site grown out of a desire to communicate with customers who are local to New York and are seeking coupons, savings, and offers in that region. is simple to use: you go the website, choose the coupon that you want, and use it at the appropriate business. offers three types of coupons: scanable, offers (to be used on specific websites) and printable. No registration is required to use the coupons.Coupons are shareable!

Merchants can create coupons easily with a simple to use dashboard (accessible with a registration and payment), and can change coupons as often as you choose. Merchants are given a scanable QR Code to help market their coupons. is a new website, and a lot of marketing and advertising is going into making a a succe you need hssful campaign launch. Every Merchant that lists their coupons now will benefit the most.

Does this sound like you? Head over to, and create your Merchant account to get started. Are not sure what package to choose from? Do you need help starting up with our dashboard? No worries.You can contact us and we will be glad to help , free of charge.

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